About us

St. Francis of Assisi Montessori School of Cainta or SFAMSC (Pronounced 'spam-si") is a private preschool, grade school, and high school in Cainta, Rizal, Philippines. Our focus is on small class size and personalized instruction. A smaller population means we can give our students more care and attention. Studies also show that smaller communities like SFAMSC promotes better and deeper learning for students.

 We believe and follow the teachings of Christ and our patron saint Francis of Assisi. Our motto is "Cura Personalis" which is Latin for "Care for the entire person." We believe in the importance of academic achievement but equally give value to the spiritual and emotional growth of the child as well.

Our Mission

We are committed to produce bright students who embody the values of Saint Francis of Assisi. These students are diligent, self-aware, compassionate, and have a deep respect for their fellow human beings because they understand that God is in everyone of us. It is the hope of the school that these enlightened young men and women become catalysts of positive change in their families, society, and the world.

Our Philosophy

SFAMSC believes that education and the right values are important foundations of a successful and happy life and the key to positive change in society. Francis of Assisi was intelligent, had high status, and great wealth but later realized that without the values such as love for God and humanity, a person cannot live a truly meaningful life.


The greatest men and women who ever walked among us taught us that intelligence must be guided by a moral and ethical character. Many problems such as corruption in government, greed in corporations and wars are caused by people who have great intelligence, skills, and abilities but wrong values. This is why SFAMSC is committed to the integration of values into academic education - good moral values, self-understanding and compassion for others is given as much weight as classroom lessons and exams. Every teacher in St. Francis Cainta is a values teacher.

          Official Seal of SFAMSC

          Official Seal of SFAMSC

SFAMSC’s motto is “Cura Personalis” or the care of the whole being. The School’s curriculum is specially crafted so that the child’s academic knowledge, emotional intelligence and spiritual life are equally cultivated and developed. Through the right balance of academic, extra curricular and values education, SFAMSC gives students TODAY the tools to deal with the challenges in the classroom and the real world. A proper education with the right values will be their roadmap to make the right life choices. And it is the right life choices that will lead to a happy, fulfilled and successful life - for themselves and those around them.


We are recognized by Deped and ready for K+12

St. Francis Montessori School of Cainta is recognized by the Philippine Department of Education for meeting its standards of qualified curriculum, personnel, faculty, and facilities. We are K+12 ready adopting the guidelines and mandates of DeptEd to our curriculum. Rest assured that SFAMSC matches national standards of Education quality.

  • Pre School Department: Recognition No. K-001, s.2000
  • Grade School Department: Recognition No. E-042, s.2003
  • High School Department: Recognition No. RIV-A067, s.2006
  • Tutorial and Review Center: SEC No. CRN-A199900724
  • Bureau of Immigration: MCL-2012-081