The Benefits of a St. Francis Education


St. Francis of Assisi Montessori School of Cainta or SFAMSC is a pre-school, grade school, and junior high school in Cainta, Rizal that believe education should always be accompanied with concern and care. Our philosophy and values are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and our patron saint, Francis of Assisi. We are a school that focus on small class size because it facilitates better guidance for each child. We are intentionally a small school because several studies show students learn better, achieve more, and have higher morale in small learning communities.

Here are a few more ways we can bring value to your child's education:


Your child's Second Home

The teachers and staff of St. Francis of Assisi Montessori School of Cainta treats their students like their own family. We believe that the school should also be like a home - a place where the child is cared for and nurtured. A place where a child feels safe, secure, and loved.

Montessori Method

We integrate the effective Montessori method of education in our curriculum especially in the early stages of childhood education. The Montessori method produces students who are independent, creative,  and self-learners.  

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Environment for Learning

St. Francis of Assisi Montessori School of Cainta is located in a quiet and safe residential subdivision away from busy commercial establishments. This makes the school a place conducive for learning and far away from temptation and distraction.

Our Alumni are Successful

Our graduates pass and thrive in top Philippine schools such as UST, UP, Ateneo, FEU, San Beda and PUP.  Many are now are in universities, colleges, and corporations training to become medical doctors, lawyers, teachers, dentists, engineers, entrepreneurs, film directors, and commercial artists. Our older alumni are now working professionals doing well in fields such as chemistry, mass communications, medicine,  modelling, and business.

We Put a Lot of Effort in Documentation

To provide for their families, many of our parents work far away from home, sometimes in other countries. That is why we walk the extra mile taking photos, videos, and documenting school activities to put them online on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube  because we wish to bring our parents the joy of seeing their kids even if they are miles away.

We are Recognized & Prepared

St. Francis Montessori School of Cainta is recognized by the Philippine Department of Education for meeting its standards of qualified curriculum, personnel, faculty, and facilities. We are K+12 ready adopting the guidelines and mandates of DepEd to our curriculum. Rest assured that SFAMSC matches national standards of education.

  • Pre School Department:
    Recognition No. K-001, s.2000

  • Grade School Department:
    Recognition No. E-042, s.2003

  • High School Department:
    Recognition No. RIV-A067, s.2006

  • Tutorial and Review Center:
    SEC No. CRN-A199900724

  • Bureau of Immigration: MCL-2012-081


work closely with parents

SFAMSC supports the involvement of our parents through activities such as the Siglakas Family Sports Day and the free parenting seminars from different experts.  We encourage open discussion between parents and school. Our doors are always open, just make an appointment.

Values of St. Francis

We believe the values of Christ and St. Francis of Assisi are the key to living a happy and successful life. We teach Christian morals, good manners, and respect  together together with academics. In SFAMSC, every teacher is a values teacher. 


Small & Friendly Population

We intentionally keep the population of students small so that we can pour more attention to each and every child to promote mastery of lessons and  values.  A small community also encourages everyone to get along and be friends.  

Lots of Activities and Events

Clubs and extra curricular activities are a big part of student life at SFAMSC and develop your child's intellectual, social, and creative potential. Life in St. Francis is busy and filled with fun and educational activities. A full schedule teaches students how to be responsible, manage their time, builds character, and balance their life in the real world.  Learn more about our student clubs and extracurricular activities click here.

Our Culture is Love and kindness

The teachers, administration, and staff of St. Francis are friendly, accommodating, and understanding. We teach and demonstrate the values of St. Francis through our interactions with students, parents, and the community. The beautiful poem "Children Learn What They Live" holds true for us. A positive school culture brings the best out of any student.

Full Range of FACILITIES

SFAMSC have the amenities your child needs to experience a full and fruitful academic life. Among its long list of facilities are:

  • Fully air conditioned class rooms and prayer room

  • Science and Home Economics rooms with complete equipment

  • Updated and internet capable computer laboratory

  • Dedicated AV Rooms with large screen LCD TV for clear and immersive viewing of educational shows, movies and documentaries.

  • Dedicated floor for extra curricular activities

  • Spacious, clean classrooms complete with audio-video equipment and much more.