News and Updates: Student Council Elections 2014: Miting de Avance video!

Video of the Student Council Miting de Avance 2014

St. Francis of Assisi Montessori School of Cainta proudly presents video footage of the lively and exciting Student Council Miting de Avance held last July 11, 2014 at the St. Francis Cainta Activity Center!

Many thanks to SFAMSC Alumnus, De La Salle mass communications student, and budding cinematographer Isaiah Geremillo for this professionally shot and edited video! What are you waiting for? Watch it now!

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News and Updates: Student Council Elections 2014: The Student COMELEC and Canvassing of Votes

The SFAMSC Student COMELEC hard at work

The job of the Student COMELEC is never easy, supervising the student council campaign and facilitating the voting process is just the begining of their job. After all the votes has been casted the hard, tedious, and time consuming canvassing of votes starts. Each vote must be carefully scrutinised, double checked, and counted because a mistake could cost a candidate the election. With the support and supervision of their teacher advisors Ms. Maricel and Mr. Mario, the student COMELEC tirelessly worked until all votes were counted and thoroughly cross checked. The canvassing of votes began the afternoon and lasted late in the evening at 7pm.

Great job student COMELEC your diligence and dedication is deeply appreciated.

To see more photos:

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News and Updates: Student Council Elections 2014-2015: Meeting de Avance

Student Council Elections SY 2014-2015

July 11, 2014 - On the last day of the campaign for the office of Student Council, the YOLO and LOL parties make their appeal to the student body at the SFAMSC Activity Center. The SFASMC Miting de avance is a lively event where the the student candidates put on their best foot forward to convince the students that they are deserving of their vote. With the supervision of the Student Council advisor Ms. Maricel Cruz Doroteo and Student COMELEC the candidates debate on important student issues, make a final presentation to clarify their platform and projects and put up a performance to convince the hearts and minds of the student body that they are deserving of the their vote.

The photos of the lively Miting de Avance of the St. Francis Cainta Student Council are now online! Check them out!

Photos of the League of Leaders (LOL) Party:
Photos of the Young Outstanding Leaders Organisation (YOLO) Party:
Photos of the audience reactions:

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Announcements: Student Council Elections SY 2014-2015: The YOLO Party

Student Council Elections 2014: The YOLO Party
The SY 2014-2015 Student Council Elections is almost upon us! Presenting the Young Outstanding Leaders Organisation (Yolo) Party!
Learn more about the YOLO Party click here:

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Announcements: Meet Our New Basketball Varsity Coach

SFAMSC Basketball Coach SY 2014-2015

The SFAMSC Cheetah varsity basketball team is honoured to have the amazing Mr. Flores Amante as the official coach of the SFAMSC basketball varsity team. Coach Kykko was not only the head coach of several school teams such as Lourdes School Mandaluyong, Mona Lisa Academy, and Sta. Lucia High School but he was also a varsity player for Far Eastern University in the UAAP. He is currently a reserve player in the Philippine Basketball Leauge (PBL) and is an active player in the new upcoming Skin Mate Sharks team.

He lives and breaths basketball and believes that a good basketball player must not only posses talent but also a love of hard work, a good character, and discipline - the main ingredients of success in any field. Like a true professional coach, he will be strict and exacting in his standards but with his guidance, the SFAMSC basketball team will become better, faster, and stronger!

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News and Updates: A Beautiful Sketch of St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi Sketch

Artist and muralist Mr. Renato Cortez renders a beautiful mixed media drawing of our patron St. Francis of Assisi with two adorable SFAMSC students. Thank you Mr. Cortez for this wonderful piece of art!

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News and Updates: Starting the First Day of School with a Holy Spirit Mass

Starting the First Day of School with a Holy Spirit Mass

St. Francis Cainta held a Holy Spirit mass as an expression of gratitude to our Heavenly Father for giving us another privileged year to mould the minds and hearts of the Filipino child. The holy mass was precided by Father Paul Merida. May we have another fruitful and memorable school year! May the prayers and spirit of St. Francis of Assisi be with all of us always.

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