News and Updates: Scouting Camporee 2015: Scouting Outdoor Games

rope crossing scout olympics 2015

The Rope Crossing is one of the more exciting games of the SFAMSC Scout Olympics. The objective of the game is simple, just cross the rope bridge and reach the other side as fast as they can, the only problem is the bridge wobbles a lot and balancing is difficult, so teammates must hold the bridge as steady and as tight as they can so that their patrol mate can cross with less difficulty. The more steady the whole patrol hold the rope bridge, the faster their team mate can cross. This wy the players rely not only on their own balance and strength but also on the support of their patrol mates fostering teamwork, cooperation, and trust among the patrol. ‪#‎scouting‬ ‪#‎sfamsc‬ ‪#‎outdoorgames‬

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News and Updates: Scouting Camporee 2015: The Bonfire Yell

Bonfire Yell 2015

The Bonfire Yell is one of the highlights of the annual Scouting Camporee. The boy scouts and girl scouts of SFAMSC show off their talents in dance, acting, and singing as they perform their cheers and yells exulting the values of scouting and challenging the other patrols to do better with friendly jabs that help spark healthy competition. To give their very best performance, each patrol dedicate many days to choreograph and practice their yells. This activity helps develop important life skills such as cooperation, teamwork, creativity, and the strength of character to be able to perform publicly. Audiences are usually surprised so see once timid and shy students shine and give it their all in the Bonfire Yell. ‪#‎scouting‬ ‪#‎bonfire‬ ‪#‎yell‬ ‪#‎sfamsc‬

To see more photos of this year’s Scouting Camporee:

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Announcements: Happy World Teachers’ Day!

Happy World Teachers Day!!!

A good teacher is always a memorable part of our lives. Great teachers are never forgotten by their students. Children who have been taught by great teachers are motivated and become successful in their profession and personal lives. The best teachers inspire and bring out the potential of their students!

Today is the day we honour them for all their hard work and sacrifice so that our children maybe able to read, write, and learn the values to help them understand life. Teachers are the stewards of society and the foundation of a nation. Everyone has been taught and guided by a teacher.

We admire doctors, engineers, lawyers, athletes, and celebrities but these people would not be what they are without teachers who taught them what they know.
Teachers are our heroes and we love you all! Happy World Teacher’s Day!

Click here to see the photos of our Teachers’ Day Celebration:

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News and Updates: SFAMSC High School Basketball Team is on FIRE!

Congrats for the 5-0 winning streak!

Congratulations to the SFAMSC Cheetah High School Basketball team for this season’s phenomenal performance! After beating the formidable Lorenzo Ruiz high school basketball team in a decisive victory last September 28, 2015, the SFAMSC Cheetahs secured a solid record of five wins zero loses! The many many days of diligent practice, rock hard determination, and an overwhelming emphasis on teamwork made the SFAMSC Cheetahs harder, better, faster, and stronger transforming them into one of the best teams in their division. Keep it up guys! Let’s secure a place in the top three in this year’s CAMPRISA tournament! We are all very proud of you! #basketball #gocheetahs #camprisa #sfamsc #cainta

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News and Updates: Buwan ng Wika: Lakan at Lakambini 2015

Lakan at Lakambini ng SFAMSC

Ang Buwan ng Agosto ay selebrasyon ng Pambansang Wika; Wikang Filipino. Kaalinsabay nito ang pinakaaabangang pagdiriwang ng Lakan at Lakambini sa Hayskul kung saan nagtutunggali ang apat na kalalakihan at apat na kababaihan para sa titulo. Ang katawagang ito ay nag- ugat sa ating bansa bago pa man dumating ang mga Espanyol. Ang Lakan ay katawagan para sa mataas na ranggo ng lipunan at Lakambini naman para sa kababaihan.

Ang mga kalahok ngayong taon ay sina Aeron Daniel A. Fontanilla at Francesca Beatrice L. Gonzales mula sa Ikapitong Baitang, Venedict C. Doroteo at Marie Jhon D. Abundo mula sa Ikawalong Baitang, Jeremi Isiah V. Catindig at Angelyn Louss A. Guerrero mula sa Ikasiyam na Baitang at Dañelo G. Vertucio at Katrina Ysabel L. Espiritu mula sa Ikasampung Baitang.

Paglalaban ng mga sumusunod na kalahok ang titulo sa pamamagitan ng pagpapakita ng talent, talino sa pagsagot, pagpapakita ng Pambansang Kasuotan at Pormal na Kasuotan at paramihan ng likes.

Potograpiya ni Ryan Villanueva

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1st PTC Seminar: 12 Principles of Stress Reduction


Greeting of Love and Peace!!!

On this school year’s very first Parent Teacher Conference we cordially invite all parents, guardians, and students to join our free health improvement seminar entitled, “Be Happy and Well: The 12 Principles of Stress Reduction” by Dr. Phillip Ledesma Ciocon.

The abundance of junk food, pollution, poor lifestyle choices, and the pressures of work, school, and life made us possibly the most stressed out generation. Stress affects everything in our lives, from our performance in school and work to our very health. Too much stress makes us unhappy, makes everyone around us unhappy, and makes us unhealthy.

Dr. Phillip will teach us effective tips and techniques on how to neutralise stress and make you happier and healthier in the process. These techniques can be effectively used by people of all ages. Dr. Phillip Ledesma Ciocon, PhD FRCP is a holistic doctor who has spent many years of research on alternative paths of wellness.

He bring the healing magic of music and song, Laughter and games in numerous talks to different schools, cooperations, and communities. Everyone is invited so bring your friends and family!

Date: Aug 29, 2015 (Saturday)
Time: Conference starts at 9:00am
Fee: Free

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News and Updates: SFAMSC Cover Club: Cups

SFAMSC Cover Club Cup Song

The SFAMSC Cover Club presents its first cover of the school year SY 2015-2016. Grade 7 students Donita Mae Manlunas and Francesca Gonzales perform CUPS from the hit movie Pitch Perfect.

The SFAMSC Cover Club is a special student circle that promotes the development of musical talent of students through the production and performance of video performances for all to see and appreciate. Performing a music cover requires preparation, practice, diligence, and a good work ethic. It is the ardent wish of the Cover Club to help develop all these positive traits in its members through the process of making wonderful musical covers.

The SFAMSC Cover Club is supervised by Mr. Ryan Villanueva.

Special thanks to Grade 9 student Julia Velasco and Kuya Brendo Cimafranca Ysik for helping out as camera operators.
Cover Photography by JM Velasco.

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