A Trip to the Magaul Bird Park!

Last Sunday November 29 the students of SFAMSC visited the Magaul Bird Park at Subic. Here our captivated students are educated and given the chance to interact with the beautiful and colourful birds of the Magaul bird show. Events like these cultivates in students’ a keener understanding of avians and a deeper appreciation of Mother Nature.


Happy Teachers' Day! SY 2015-2016


A good teacher is always a memorable part of our lives. Great teachers are never forgotten by their students. Children who have been taught by great teachers are motivated and become successful in their profession and personal lives. The best teachers inspire and bring out the potential of their students!

Today is the day we honour them for all their hard work and sacrifice so that our children maybe able to read, write, and learn the values to help them understand life. Teachers are the stewards of society and the foundation of a nation. Everyone has been taught and guided by a teacher.

We admire doctors, engineers, lawyers, athletes, and celebrities but these people would not be what they are without teachers who taught them what they know.

Teachers are our heroes and we love you all! Happy World Teacher's Day!